SDCA strives to keep our organization vibrant and healthy by having a ever growing group of leaders. We have a variety of positions on our SDCA Board of Directors for both new and experienced leaders. One position that is critical to the continuation of our group is a President Elect.

We are currently looking for our next President Elect of SDCA. This individual would serve a three year term, starting July 1, 2022.

What does the President Elect of SDCA do???

  • Day to Day Activities
    • Check your email and provide feedback
    • At Board Meetings-perform the duties of the president in the absence or incapacity of the president
  • Chairs the SDCA Award Committee Activities
    • Update the SDCA Award Nomination form-set award deadlines
    • Work with the Awards Committee to select the winners of the SDCA Awards
    • Serve as Master of Ceremonies at the SDCA Awards Banquet
  • Transitioning to President Tasks/Board Retreat Responsibilities
    • Identify your board committee members by the Conference board meeting as they need to be approved by the outgoing board.
    • Work with the Ex Dir to determine the date and location of the board retreat.
    • Provide feedback to the Ex Dir as needed
    • Develop an agenda for the retreat weekend
  • ACA Activities
    • Attend the Midwest Region Meetings and Annual Conference. Vote on behalf of SDCA if the President is absent.
  • Perks!
    • Free SDCA and ACA membership
    • Travel to the National ACA Conference 
    • An experience of a lifetime!

You must be a CURRENT member of SDCA. For additional information, please contact us.