Farm Stress Resources 

SDCA recognizes the unique position our farmers and ranchers find them in. Often times, these individuals are the ones who are hesitant to seek out mental health resources. In 2019, The South Dakota Farm & Ranch Stress Summit was held in Chamberlain. This event was hosted by SDSU Extension and the South Dakota Counseling Association.

Here are some videos of the breakout sessions that were provided. Thank you to SDSU Extension for making these recordings available.

Videos for both Consumers and Counseling Professionals

A conversation with Amber Dykshorn discussing her husband suicide.

Dr. Mike Rosmann, Keynote Address, Differences Between the Agriculture Population & the General Populace

Duane Kavanaugh, LPC-MH, Breakout Session, Stress Management Techniques

Videos & Handouts for Consumers

Donna Aldridge, LPC-MH, Breakout Session, What is Counseling?

 Preventing Suicide Handout.pdf



Videos for Counseling Professionals

Stacy Solssa, LPC-MH, Ph.D , Breakout Session, Farming Culture-Ways for Counselors to Make Farmers Comfortable

Additional Resources

SDSU Extension

Avera Farm and Rural Stress Hotline: 1.800.691.4336 (this is a free, confidential service)   or reach out to their crisis line: 1.800.273.8255