Introduced by: The Committee on Health & Human Services at the request of the Board for Counselor Examiners and Marriage and Family Therapists

Passed through Committee and through the House YEAS: 64 NAYS: 5

HB1250 was heard in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. Senator Solholt brought forward an amendment to include the articles from the previous bill known as HB1028. Motion to amend passed YEAS:4 NAYS: 1

HB1250 passed the Senate 32-2. Conference committee was appointed and then the House failed to adopt the report, so the bill failed – 34-32. 

Thank you to all who wrote letters in support of this bill. 

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The South Dakota Counseling Association is here to listen, hear all counselor feedback and respects all opinions both proponent and opponents. This measure is about bringing counselors together, expanding our profession, having a larger voice across the state, and being able to service more people in need.