South Dakota Association of Counselor Educators & Supervisors

The purpose of SDACES is to first and foremost advance counselor education and supervision in order to improve professional counseling services in all settings. To the end, the organization is charged with the duty of providing continuing education activities for counselor educators and supervisors to assist them in enhancing their skills. Other duties include to provide a system of information exchange, promote supervision research, provide public with information concerning the counseling profession, and advance the profession of counseling in legislation.

2022-2023 SDACES Officers

                         Stacy Keyser                    Vacant                      Erin Meyer                   Vacant
               President               President Elect                Past President               Recording Secretary

Definition of Supervision
Supervision is an intervention provided by a more senior member of a profession to a more junior member(s) of that same profession. The supervisory relationship is evaluative, extends over time, and has the simultaneous purposes of enhancing the professional functioning of the more junior person(s), monitoring the quality of professional services offered to the clients, and serving as a gatekeeper for those who are to enter the particular profession. Supervision includes roles of teaching, counseling, and consultation, but is not exclusively those roles. Supervision is more than just being a seasoned counselor. It embodies strong counseling experiences and skills as well as strong understanding of supervision theory and developmental processes, ethics specific to supervision, and a clear understanding of evaluation methods.

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