SDCA 2021-2022 Strategic Work Plan

Purpose: This strategic  work plan has been developed by the 2021-2022 SDCA Board in order to provide a disciplined approach to the management of SDCA over the next three years.
Mission Statement: The mission of the South Dakota Counseling Association is to enhance the quality of life by promoting the development of professional counselors, advancing the counseling profession, practicing to promote respect for human dignity, and supporting cultural diversity.

Strategic Area I: Continuing Education/Trainings 

  1. Provide Quality Continuing Education.

    1. 12 1-hour CEs per year, Free to Members.

    2. Provide 1-day Fall Workshop 

  2. Attract and Engage Quality Presenters.

    1. Develop Compensation Plan for Presenters 

  3. Increase Conference Attendance by 10% per year for the next 3 years.

    1. Develop group rate 

    2. Develop marketing campaign

    3. Have keynote booked by end of October every year

Strategic Area II: Membership Engagement

  1. Increase Awareness of Member Benefits.

    1. One Facebook testimonial per month

    2. “Top 10 Reasons to be a Member” Infographic

    3. Advertise Continuing Education Opportunities

  2. Targeted Marketing

    1. Directly contact SD counseling graduate programs 

    2. Directly contact directors and agencies

  3. Increase Membership Retention

    1. Self Care Webinars - see Continuing Education #1

    2. Topic Poll for Conference and Webinars

    3. Quarterly Chat and Chew

Strategic Area III: Legislative Advocacy

  1. Increase Grassroots Efforts 

    1. Provide Quarterly Education

    2. Increase Member Involvement 

  2. Organized meeting with Congressional District Offices

    1. Same-day state-wide 

    2. Catch-phrase and talking points 

    3. Organized de-briefing and planning 

    4. Develop 1 page position paper by end of November 2021

Strategic Area IV: Public Relations and Community Education

  1. Increase Visibility

    1. Develop Relationship with public media (KELO, SDPB)

    2. Engage in at least one volunteer event per region

    3. T-shirts that associate with each chapter - “Here to Help” on back, SDCA logo on front

  2. Foster Relationships with other Nonprofits

    1. Volunteer event with one local non-profit

    2. National/State non-profits

  3. Develop Materials about What Counselors Do

    1. Chat and Chew

    2. Day on the Hill