Graduate Students

"As a graduate student, being involved with the South Dakota Counseling Association has been life-changing for me.  Starting out as a student moderator at a SDCA annual conference allowed me to discover numerous aspects of the counseling profession, make connections state-wide, and earn educational scholarships.  As I thoroughly enjoyed my role as a moderator for the SDCA conference, I went on to serve as a student volunteer at the American Counseling Association’s annual conference and thus had the chance to explore additional facets of the counseling profession as well as make connections nation-wide.  These positive experiences led to further involvement with the SDCA as I was then selected to be an Emerging Leader, which has opened up even more experiential learning and networking opportunities for me.  All that being said, I would strongly encourage graduate students to become involved with your state and local chapters as the opportunities awaiting you and the people you will meet are nothing less than incredible."

Kirsten Krueger, 2019 NSU Graduate     


2019 Graduate Student Scholarship Winners

(L to R- Amanda Dalbey, Danielle Hertel, Sierra Thomas, & Sydney Randall)

Hello! Our names are Morgan Robey and Kirsten Krueger and we are the 2019-2020 Graduate Student Co-Coordinators for SDCA. We are looking forward to a fun and exciting year! If you are a graduate student and are looking to get involved, we are the contacts that can get you connected. Feel free to reach us at [email protected] or [email protected] with any questions.

There are countless reasons to join a professional organization! For instance, one exciting reason to join is creating time to attend a professional conference. A statewide or national conference fosters a culture whereby individuals explore current interests, gain new knowledge and skills, and reflect upon those things which initially drew them to the field of counseling. All of these benefits are salient in maintaining wellness and meaning in the work we all do each and every day.

Although the conference tends to be the highlight of the year, there are also local chapters and areas of specializations to be involved in. Specialty areas include: Mental Health Counseling, School Counseling, and the nation’s only Native American Counseling Association. Likewise, if you are interested in legislation and advocacy for clients and/or the profession, students are encouraged to be involved in advocacy efforts.

The local chapters are the best way to meet counseling professionals in your area. Throughout the year local chapters will host various social, service, and professional events. This is a great way to learn about services available in your area while also having some fun. Local chapters also provide the opportunity for leadership experiences. Join SDCA, Specialty Areas and your local chapter to receive updates about activities and events. You can also join the SDCA Facebook page!

There will be more updates and information for graduate students often. Be sure to check this website regularly and contact SDCA should you have any questions.