A Message from the President...

Hello  fellow SDCA members,

Our thoughts and the calendar is getting closer to springtime, but the weather does not seem to be cooperating yet.   I want to let you know all of the work that has been going on with SDCA and most of the work goes on behind the scenes.   We have been having monthly free CEs to SDCA members.  To offer these we need to have people develop what presentations we will have throughout the year, seek out presenters, set up webinars and follow up with CE certificates and evaluations.  

Once per week SDCA leadership has met during the 2023 legislative session.   This group has included our E.D. Rebecca Christiansen,  Government Relations Anne Dilenschneider, Past President Duane Kavanaugh, President Elect Rachael Anderson, SDSCA Government Relations Rep Ashley Seeklander,  and SDCA President Brian Dannen.   We have advocated for several bills that work to improve the mental health of our citizens as well as working at informing legislators on the negative mental health consequences of other bills.   Please say a thank you to anyone who works to help SDCA, a well worthwhile organization.  

We are also working on developing ads for SDCA that will soon start advertising on PBS television.    These ads are to give exposure to South Dakota citizens about our organization and they can come to us for resources.   We are working to be known by the public as the Counseling resource to go to when there are mental health issues.    Our group has worked very hard to create relationships with legislators, news organizations, other professional organizations and our citizens.  With our exposure and our relationships, we will be at the table when mental health issues come up, whether this regard our young citizens, young adults. adults and our elderly populations.

Lastly, we are working on developing an excellent SDCA state conference in Sioux Falls.   We have high quality speakers that you will enjoy and will be well worth your time.   We have an excellent education committee that is putting things together as well as endless efforts from our E.D. Rebecca Christiansen.    We need your support, involvement and attendance. You can find more information HERE .

We are always welcoming of having you involved the happenings of SDCA.  Please reach out if you are willing to be involved in any way with SDCA.   Thank you for your continued support.


Brian Dannen 

SDCA President