A Message from the President...

Hello fellow counselor,
The past 8+ weeks have interesting to say the least. I know all counselors, regardless of setting, have been working hard to provide needed services to those they work with and serve. I'm impressed with your resolve, but not surprised. I'm confident that counselors will continue to adjust to a new normal. 
SDCA has had a very active year despite the recent restrictions. SDCA was able to partner in efforts to address farm stress, put forth tremendous legislative efforts, and strengthen community relationships electronically or otherwise, all for the benefit of counselors and those we serve. Unfortunately, SDCA was not able to host its annual conference. Undeterred, SDCA leadership has organized a series of webinars of varying content (ethics, self-injury, Telehealth, and others). These webinars will be offered on roughly a weekly basis over the next couple months. The webinars will be excellent ways for counselors to enhance their knowledge and earn needed CEU's. Keep an eye out for webinar information!
Over the next few weeks, I will be transitioning out of the president position. Thank you for the opportunity to contribute. My greatest joy has been being inspired by the amazing leaders of SDCA. SDCA has always been a collaborative organization. Many outstanding counselors from across the state, in identified leadership roles or not, contribute to SDCA's activity and success. Please join me in thanking the counselors that make SDCA special! 
Speaking of outstanding counselors, Lane Madsen, the current president-elect, will be stepping into the president role. Lane will continue to bring energy and a collaborative spirit to SDCA! 
I hope you have a great summer! As always, you are welcome to reach out to any of the SDCA leaders with ideas of partnership. Or better yet, you are welcome to join SDCA leadership. SDCA is always interested in bringing in new leaders and new ideas. 

Please reach out to us by emailing [email protected]. Also, connect with us on Twitter @SD_counseling, Instagram @sdca.counseling, and Facebook @SDCounseling.

Seth Olson, PhD, LPC, NCC

SDCA President