A Message from the President...

Hello everyone,

     It looks like we have flown right into July.  How did that happen so fast?   With it being July already, I have taken over as SDCA president.  Thank you, Duane Kavanaugh, for the excellent job you did as president and look forward for your continued guidance as past president.   I am so excited and proud to be your president. I hope you will reach out to me with ideas, concerns and just to say hello. This year our theme is "Mental Health is as important as Breathing!".   My vision for this coming year is for SDCA to work to help our citizens, our community and our state leaders to understand the great importance of good mental health. It happens almost daily; we hear on the news and see people in our communities struggling with mental health.   You are our most valuable asset, and you are needed now, more than ever. As we have successfully pushed to decrease the stigma of mental health and mental health is coming into the light more and more, we are the leaders to continue the change. 

My long-term vision is everyone who needs mental health assistance will get the help just like they would with a physical illness and going to their doctor.  There should be no roadblocks getting in the way of people getting mental health assistance.  We will continue to push for Medicare approval and work to develop and interstate compact.   We need to be the leaders of mental health in our communities, in our schools and all across our great state.  I love working for all of you so please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if I can be any assistance for you.   Thank you for being an SDCA member and thank you for having me as your SDCA president!!


Brian Dannen 

SDCA President