South Dakota Native American Counselors Association 

The purposes of the South Dakota Indian Counselors Association include providing an organization for counselors of Native American students which shall promote unity and cooperation among Native American counselors; to provide better communication among Native American counselors and Native American education in all fields, the Native American community and the general public; and to provide a forum for the discussion of counseling problems relating to education affecting Native Americans.


2022-2023 SDNACA Officer

Allison Oxner                 Vacant                     Pat Poitra 

        President                President Elect                Past President  


Kathy Dorner             Stephanie Traversie

Treasurer                  Recording Secretary





Pictured: Members of the SDNACA presented two Star in the Darkness Quilts this year. Above is a photo of SDNACA President Pat Poitra (top) welcoming all in attendance as honorary members of SDNACA. The winners of these quilts were Amanda Bender (Right) and Jolaine Bain (Left)

SDNCA Documents