C.J. Peterson, Jr. Memorial Award

The C.J. Peterson, Jr. Award was established in 1973. C.J. Peterson, Jr. was an Employment Counselor in the Sioux Falls Office of the SD Employment Service (Job Service). In 1972, he and his wife were killed in a fire in their home shortly after Christmas. C.J.'s father was a long time employee of the SD Employment Service, having served as manager of the Hot Springs and the Rapid City offices. C.J. had a long time commitment to career development and was very concerned with working with people to maximize their potential and to select occupations which were appropriate and right for each individual. He was very interested in helping to establish an Employment Counseling organization and spoke often about the fact that he felt that Employment Counselors must be a part of the South Dakota Counseling Association (formerly the SD Personnel and Guidance Association)

This award was established to recognized counselors who provide outstanding employment counseling, not necessarily just in Employment offices, but to those who deal with the field of employment- vocational rehabilitation counselors, career learning center counselors, or others who assist people in choosing careers. 

Nominate using the google form https://forms.gle/V7Fy45BfHvtRLxkE7 or Submit the nomination form found HERE. Nominations close March 1, 2023!

Our 2022 winner is Renae Oines

Mrs. Oines assists students with developing awareness, knowledge and the skills for lifelong and career success. She is an active participant and leader in our school and district for all things career exploration and work-based learning opportunities. Her work provides individual counseling and classroom guidance for the students of the CTE Academy and the SF School District. She often works as a consultant to students, staff members and businesses by fostering relationships and rapport. Each student, project or business brings a unique situation that requires her attention, assistance and follow-up. Mrs. Oines' work helps students acquire the knowledge and skills to find career success and post-secondary support.Josh Hall, Principal

Congratulations Renae!

These winners have demonstrated a commitment to enhancing career possibilities of his/her clients. 

  • 2022- Renae Oines
  • 2021- Andrea Albrecht
  • 2013 - Jodi Sternhagen
  • 2006 - Glenda Nedved
  • 2005 - Tami Haug-Davis
  • 2003 - Jan Jirouch
  • 2001 - Ruth Harper
  • 2000 - Jane Kono
  • 1999 - Kevin Blum
  • 1998 - Kelly Duncan