2023 Legislative Session Summary: Week 4

Hopefully, we are now back on track in Week 4. The issue of the Senator’s removal from the Senate and committees was decided with a Censure and allowing her back on committees; however, she is not allowed to interact with the LRC staff, only through the Director. All bills on now in so we know what we are dealing with in addition to all the title bills, which we will have to monitor for any change. SDCA is also working on an amendment to a bill on licensure and upper level requirements.

There are many mental health bills with funding, marijuana bills, tax cutting measures and issues around education. The education group lobbyists will be on top of all the education bills. The Juvenile Justice bills are moving through the Senate and doing well. All the tax cutting measures will hurt education funding. 

Continue to talk to the legislators about the need for more than the 5% funding for education and why we need much more – in the range of 8-10%.

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