2022 Legislative Session

Week 9 was the end of the regular session and ended in a flurry of activity. The general appropriations bill passed so education, providers, and state employees will get a 6% increase – the most ever. Veto Day is March 28.

HB 1337 is one bill we focused on – Gov’s anti civics and CRT bill for k-12 – passed House 50 -18 and was killed/41st day in the Senate Education Committee – 4-3. The Gov was not happy about this and tried to revive it with the Senate attempting to add this bill to HB 1012 – the amendment failed 14-20. HB 1012 passed as is – the CRT bill for higher education only.

One interesting development this week was HB 1281 – bill to give the legislature oversight on any additional federal money related to COVID 19 that comes to the state. The bill passed both bodies with more than 2/3rds vote. The Governor does not like this bill as she has had the authority to distribute the federal money. This was a deal between the House and Senate that if 1281 passed, then SB 59, SB 60 and the General Appropriations Bill would pass. We will have to see what happens with this bill and if the Governor vetoes it or not.

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Important Information

You can go to https://sdlegislature.gov/ for information regarding the SD Legislature. While there you can:

  • Find out who represents you and how to be in contact with them.
  • Search for a bill by key words, title or number.
  • Sign up for “My LRC” which will track a bill of interest to you and notify you of hearings, votes, and changes made to the bill.

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Please feel free to contact your Government Relations Committee with questions or concerns.