Week 9 Legislative Report March 12, 2024

Week 9 was the end of the regular session and Veto Day is March 25. It was hectic as all the big issues had to be decided – pipelines, teacher salary proposal, some county funding, prison funding, and budget. The legislature passed a $7.3 billion budget for 2025. State aid for education, state employees, and providers all received 4% increase for 2025.

A bill that moved quickly was HB 1001 – repealer of the sunset date of 2027 on the 4.2% sales tax (bill that passed last year). Some people wanted to keep the cut permanent. It passed the House 54-12 but the Senate Appropriations Committee tabled the bill (killed it). It appears this idea has disappeared and the legislature will wait until the sunset date to determine how it affects the state budget. At the last moment a House member took a title bill and amended it to make the sales tax cut permanent and it passed the House, but the Senate killed it again!

The teacher target salary bill – HB 1048K passed the Senate Education Committee 5-2 and includes a $45,000 minimum salary, cumulative compensation over 50% or greater, implementation date of 2027, process for waivers through the Joint Accountability Board, penalties. etc. The House is not happy with this form, tabled this bill, and then hoghoused SB 127 on Thursday and sent it over to the Senate to assure that there will be a Teacher Salary Bill. SB 127 is the original HB 1048 with a $45,000 minimum salary, 97% of state aid increase must be used to improve salary including cumulative compensation salary, provides some flexibility, waivers for extraordinary circumstances, Joint Accountability Board, implementation date of 2027, penalties for not reaching the requirements. The salary portion of the bill is based on where each school district is as of 2024 with their salaries. The supts and others have been sent a sheet on how to calculate any increases for their particular school district. SB 127 was concurred to overwhelmingly by both the House and Senate.

Here is the link to view the positions that the SD Advocacy Network for Women have taken


SB 1 – Adds counselors and vocational instructors to the statutes to be able to get reduced tuition for maximum of 6 hours – passed committee and passed Senate 30-3. Bill was sent to House Appropriations Committee for budget discussion to see cost estimates. Bill passed committee and passed House 60-8 so is on Gov’s desk

SB 72 –Increases the insurance tax credit incentive bill for private schools to $5 million – this is a voucher bill for private education – passed committee, passed Senate 25-7. Bill passed House committee 10-5 and then was referred to House Appropriations Committee for budget analysis. Committee passed bill 5-2 and House passed bill 56-13. On Gov’s desk

SB 98 – Bill to establish the admissibility of evidence similar crimes in child molestation cases – bill will allow past molestation to be considered and defendant must be informed of the information. In Senate Judiciary – passed committee and passed Senate 31-2 Bill passed House committee 13-0 and passed House 44-25. Gov signed

SB 203- Gun bill on enhanced carry permit allowed in schools with principals being able to deny – passed Senate 31-3 and passed House 62-8. During testimony it was stated that the school board could issue a policy denying all guns and currently ASBSD is working on that. On Gov’s desk


HB 1012 – – Adopt Interstate Counseling Licensure Compact and educational requirements – SUPPORT – passed House 52-16. Bill passed Senate 29-2 –Gov Signed

HB 1048  – DOE bill on target teacher salary bill – this bill was worked on by House and Senate leadership, Gov’s office, and education lobbyists – sets a $48,000 salary with accountability, process for waivers, and also includes compensation. Bill passed committee 11-2 and passed House 58-9. Bill is passed Senate Education Committee 5-2 with amendment and tabled on Senate floor. New bill is now SB 127.

HB 1098 --- Provides free birth certificates to person experiencing homelessness – bill was sent to House Approp – 13-0 and passed 7-0; passed House 53-13. Bill passed Sen State Affairs and passed Senate 32- 0. On Gov’s desk.

HB 1244provide a process to withdraw a signature from a petition for an initiated measure, constitutional amendment, or a referendum on a law in certain situations and to declare an emergency amendment added and passed.


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