Counselor of the Year

The Counselor of the Year is a person who has made a significant contribution to the counseling profession and has demonstrated a genuine desire to help people.

2022 Award Winner: Sheila Anderson

pictured with nominator Jackie Braun

"I've known Sheila now for 13 years through the Britton-Hecla School District. Sheila's upbeat, engaging and thoughtful personality is certainly what makes her dynamic. Sheila has a way of making you feel like you are always listened to, regardless of the one million things she has going on. "Let's do it!" is her coin phrase. Instead of looking at the implications of a suggestion, Sheila's always looking for the upside. I often go to Sheila to bounce ideas off her, get another opinion or simply just to learn what's going on in her interesting life! Sheila works hard in her profession, but this is true in her personal life also. We are lucky to have her!"Kyla Richter Britton-Hecla Schools

"When I returned to a school counseling position four years ago, she was the first person I turned to for guidance and support.  She is a person who gives and expects nothing in return.  She is kind, gentle and the most genuine person you will meet.  She creates meaningful connections with the people she comes into contact with.  Whether it is with her co-workers, students or strangers, Sheila is the definition of peacemaker.   People love her willingness to get things done, her energy and passion for helping others.   The most endearing qualities of Sheila is her sense of humor, fun-loving and charismatic personality!" - Jackie Braun Professional School Counselor


Congratulations Sheila!!

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